Sunday, November 16, 2008

John's belated Halloween costume

John really wanted to make the blog this month! He was a little late for Halloween though! HA!HA! In actuality, he sustained a head and eye injury while playing in our Co-Ed softball game. He had a little collision in the outfield while trying to make a play and was knocked unconcious. Our daughter, Addy, was the first to get to him and she tried to wake him up. After gaining consciousness, he rolled around and was mumbling and groaning. He tried to get up and say that he was okay to continue playing, but in reality he couldn't even walk straight back to the dugout. When I looked at his eyes, they were completely dialated so I decided that he should definitley go to the hospital and be checked out for a concussion. At first we thought he split open his eye, but after cleaning it up, it was just a minor wound and would not need stitches. He was quite groggy, and still does not remember a whole lot about what happened. At the hospital they took a CT scan and dosed him up with vicadin. The CT scan came back normal but he did have a concussion. He is fine now, but suffered many days with a severe headache. His eye, although, is still black and blue and bloodshot after one week. Anyway, we are definitely thankful that he is okay.

Halloween 2008

The group on Halloween. We went out to John's sister's in Huntington Beach to go trick or treating. It is a great neighborhood, with lots of kids. Austin, Ian, Addy, Patrick, Pat's friend, Kennady, Katie, Bella, & Emily.
Katie the little Indian Girl (this was Addy's costume when she was 2yrs), Emily the witch, Emily's friend Bella the pirate, and Kennady the HSM cheerleader.
Ian(Garth from "Wayne's World" Party on Dude!), Kennady (High School Musical Cheerleader! Go Wildcats!), Addy (80's flashdancer)
Addy and her friend Savannah ready to go to the Church Halloween Dance as 80's "Flashdancers". The scary thing about their costumes is that I had flashbacks of my teen years. Yes, I really did dress like that!!! If only I had saved my clothes from back then.
Kennady the cute little cheerleader!