Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First day of school

Ian and Kennady on their first day of school. Of course, now that Zac and Addy are in High School, they wouldn't let me take a "first day of school" picture! Ian is in 6th grade this year and just started middle school. Kennady is our big Kindergartner and just loves being at the big school. She just received her first homework packet and is very excited. It is such a novelty at this age.

Huntington Beach Pier

We are so excited to be back close to the beach again. For family night this past week we took the kids down to the Huntington Beach Pier and had dinner at Ruby's. We sure have missed the beach.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kennady's 6th Birthday

Kennady was so excited to have her 6th birthday!! She wanted a Tinkerbell cake and decorations this year. She invited her grandparents, Billy and Shelly and their kids, and of course her "fake"(as she calls her) grandma Paulette. She was so surprised when she opened her High School musical dolls (Gabriella and Troy). Of course they sing together and she drives them around in her Barbie Car when they are going out on a date. She is looking forward to extending her birthday by having another party at her Grandma Baldwin's with all of her cousins and aunts and uncle and of course she will have her Tinkerbell decor again. It's strange that our baby is 6 already. Where does the time go.