Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kennady modeling new clothes

Kennady modeling her new clothes and "Hannah Montana" sunglasses from Christmas. Also, check out her new "Jonas Bros." sweatshirt! STYLING!!!!!:)

Kids Christmas gifts 2008

Addy got a camera.
Zac got a truck stereo.
Ian got an Ipod stereo.
Kennady got an Ipod.
Here are the kids ready to see what Santa brought for Christmas 2008. Don't they look thrilled? It's not as fun to wake up early when you are a teenager I guess!!!:) As you can see they brightened up when they started opening gifts :) We had a great Christmas. Later that morning we went to Grandma and Grandpa Howard's to get together with Billy and his family and Melissa and her family to have brunch and exchange gifts. The kids had fun playing together.

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve 2008 at Carrie's and Shannon's. Here is a rare shot, we actually had almost all of the kids there. Carrie's: Katie, Pat and Annie--Donnie's: Taylor, Lexi, Drew and Yves--Kim's: Austin,(Adam, Joseph, Cody weren't able to make it) --John's: Zac, Addy, Ian and Kennady--Kristie's: Emily, Katie, and Matthew. The kids put on a "Nativity" play (the older girls organized it all). Ian was Joseph, Yves was Mary,Matthew was baby Jesus, Austin a shepherd, Kennady and Katie were wisemen, and Emily was an Angel. Drew was the narrator. We all had dinner, the kids had a gift exchange and again it was another great Christmas Eve.

Tree Trimming 2008

Here we are decorating our Christmas tree. Down below the kids are setting up the ipod and speakers to set the mood with Christmas music.

Belmont Shore Christmas Parade 2008

We went to John's Auntie Kathy and Uncle Paul's for dinner the first weekend in December. This is their labradoodle (half lab/half poodle). Kennady thought it was great that she dressed up for Christmas! We then all went down to the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade. John's cousin Jamie and his wife Sandra and their daughter Ellen also joined us. We had a great time. Kennady got to see Santa up close in his sleigh. She was very excited!