Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Huntington Beach Pier

We are so excited to be back close to the beach again. For family night this past week we took the kids down to the Huntington Beach Pier and had dinner at Ruby's. We sure have missed the beach.


Reynolds Family said...

It's hard to tell the difference between John and Zac!

thewylerfamily said...

How EXCITING!!! Hey, It's Becky! I found your blog from the Reynolds. It looks like your family is adjusting well. I heard your house sold. We sure miss you and Kennady. I will add you to my blog list.
Love ya

Lynnette said...

I miss the beach too. The beaches here are never warm enough to go swimming but we go and build sand castles sometimes. The temperature doesn't keep my kids out of the water! brrrr So did you move back to Cali? Hope you are enjoying life as much as it looks like. :0)
I love you, Aunt Lynnette